Thursday, July 30, 2009

Building a sweat lodge

Another part of this characters epic journey. Building a sweat lodge so he may find a greater purpose with in the self.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Character development

Lately I have been trying to paint with water color and India ink everyday. After I sell a few more pieces I will be switching over to gouache. Here are a few illustrations of some characters I am working on. There are two that will be part of a book I am writing and illustrating. Respect the copyright.2009 Gregory Labold

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A month or so ago my dear friend Carly had me paint on her left leg with acrylic paints. Angelo, another face painter friend, painted on her right leg. I had the pleasure of returning to Carly's home this past Monday for a delicious pot luck dinner. This time I ended up painting with India ink on a few of my friends. Anna Brye sent me this great photo of what i did to her leg(above).

Monday, July 13, 2009


DJ Darrel Asbury asked me to make a painting for his recording and mixing music studio. The following is what i came up with (3.5 ft X 5 ft)Acyrlic paint, silk screen, sponge print, Water color crayon. Most of these characters will be in my upcoming short stories and epic art adventure activity books. If you would like to hire me to paint for me for an estimate I will work with your budget.

Thumbnails for DJ Darrel Painting

Here a few thumbnail water color crayon and pen sketches i did while working on a painting for my good friend Dj Darrel Asbury.