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Monday, June 1, 2009

One page books.

Not too long ago I discovered the 8 page zine fashioned from one piece of paper. I have a lot of catching up to do with the rest of the D.I.Y. zine and comics world. These images are meant to be folded into 8 pages using only one cut of your handy dandy scissors. I learned how to do this by doing a you tube search for 8 page zines. It's very fun and easy. Anyone can and should do this. Here are a few samples. I usually pass these out as a form of business card to promote my abilities as a creative creature. Have fun trying to read them upside down!!!

fictional BIO
art stuff i can do for you!!

Motivational Mushmanican Poster
Motivational Mushmanican Activity Book

All images Copyright 2009 GREGORY LABOLD

Faber-Castell pitt pen drawings from 08

Here are a hand full of drawings I did while drowning in my own pool of self pity and potential. Most of these were made during the fall of o8 in our studio at PIFAS. A lot of what i make is about making something of myself. Hopefully one day I will get over my self satisfaction and work towards a greater cause for the community. For now it's self help till i can't help myself no longer!!!
Butterflies and Severed Ties
Shower Power

Salty Sea Dog

What it is...

earth goddess
faux cause...why do we do the things we do?
Mad Bunny Harlequin

All images Copyright 2009 GREGORY LABOLD


Here's my new blog for the new art books and illustration i have been working on. All artwork is done with either a jet stream uni ball pen, Faber- Castell pitt pens, or a round brush with India ink(Unless otherwise noted). I don't know much about making books or how to become a legitimate published comic book artist. I only know i can draw and i want to tell stories through pictures. For now i will post images of the independant zines and stories I put out myself. Please send me your comments and critisims. All images are property of Gregory Labold copyright 2009!!!